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Parry Aftab resides in the NY Metropolitan area. She is a frequent resource and on-air guest of most news networks and shows, including Nightly News, Primetime, World News Tonight, CNN, CNN International, MSNBC, Fox News, the BBC, the CBC and Global News. She is a regular on Good Morning America, the Today Show and other morning shows. She has appeared in Dateline, 20/20, the View, 60 Minutes, MTV and Frontline specials, as well as various talk shows.

One of the bookers for a major network show said, "Parry is always my first call when I need help with any cyberstory. She is credible, vibrant and connects with our audiences. And she always is on top of the issues and can explain them in simple terms." Another said, "Parry is passionate and a true expert. When she talks, our audience listens."

Parry jokingly addresses her frequency as an on-air expert. "I appear on TV this often because I answer the phone when they call." While everyone recognizes that there is more to her popularity among the news shows than answering the phone, her being so accessible is a big help to harried bookers and producers who are working on deadlines. According to a senior producer of one of the morning shows, Parry's "a safe first call, because she can help us frame the story and understand all the pieces. And, if she's not the right person for the piece or unavailable, she'll help guide us to the right person or someone who is available."

Some of the topics Parry covers regularly for TV, radio and print media include:

  • most aspects of cybercrime, including ID theft, child sexual exploitation, harassment, cyber-terrorism, piracy, computer intrusions and online fraud;
  • most aspects of cyberabuse, including cyberbullying, cyberstalking, sexual harassment, SPAM, spyware, digital dating abuse, reputational attacks, cyberdating gone bad, phishing and impersonations;
  • many aspects of cyberlaw, US constitutional speech issues and privacy law, marketing and advertising practices and international Internet legal compliance;
  • most aspects of cyberrisks, including online gambling, cyber-addictions, data and privacy violations, pornography, user-generated-content and distracted driving; and
  • all aspects of cybersafety and best practices for consumers, families and the digital and Internet industries.

Her expertise is as useful to the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times as it is to Seventeen Magazine, People Magazine and Marie Claire.

Parry Aftab's media kit is available at her media pages. Articles she has written can be found at her articles and books page. And, to read some articles in which she appears, or watch her specials or TV appearances, visit her blog, or follow "wiredmoms" on twitter.

If you are media or a reporter on a deadline, you can call 1-201-463-8663 or email her directly at Her assistant can be reached at Parry travels frequently, so if you should send any inquiry by email as well as calling. Her voicemails are transcribed, so please leave your name, number and deadline clearly when leaving a message. She will always try to help you meet your deadline.

Parry is offering a new service for reporters, journalists, freelancers, bookers and producers with whom she has worked or has a relationship. They can register with her for an internal briefing page, available only to them to help them frame the issues and better understand the scope of new risks, exciting new technologies and developing news stories. This by-invitation-only section is password protected and will include powerpoints and short videos to help them understand more about the issues and emerging trends. This is available for credentialed members of news organizations, media or published freelancers, only.

If you are a student looking for a quote from Parry for your research assignment, school newspaper or college project, please visit Parry's Working With Students pages.